Our Story

We know our customers because we are our customers.

Establised in 1998, MaxWell Medical Services is an accredited national durable medical equipment supplier. In 2019, we shifted our scope of business to urology, based on the experience and expertise of our current leadership. Our primary focus is catheter supplies and various other items that help people manage all types of bladder and incontinence conditions.


We have over 30 years combined experience in both the urological supply industry but also as catheter patients ourselves. At MaxWell Medical we pride ourselves in being a friendly personal relationship-based style of supplier. The urological supply market has drastically changed over the last decade. As an ethical business, we will never make margin the basis for our company. One single product or manufacturer should not be streamlined to everyone. We can provide every urological product available in the United States. At MaxWell, we believe in PATIENT CHOICE above all and we will honor it in every instance. There are so many products available that assist patients in varying ways due to physiological level of function, age, and caregiver support. Our patient’s first point of contact will always come from someone that has hands on personal experience using catheters. This is something unique to MaxWell that helps put patients at ease knowing that the person on the other end of the line can truly understand their situation. By implementing this initial process, we have become an unmatched part of a patient’s plan of care that clinicians rely on.


We have the infrastructure, knowledge and experience of what insurance plans require to get proper documentation and expedite orders, as well as maintaining up to date records for future orders. Certain types of catheters require complex processes to medically qualify for. We will guide you through these processes to get you what you need. Working one-on-one with thousands of patients needing catheters over years past, we can confidently say you will be in the best hands with our commitment to service and our unmatched availability to be reached at any time for personal consultation.

Our Mission

While providing you with superior care, service, and respect, MaxWell Medical ensures you receive the products of your choice without error.

Client Experiences

“I use and highly recommend Maxwell Medical Services. Their staff and owners are highly professional, quick to follow up and to provide for my medical needs. Travis True, one of the owners, even went so far recently as to personally drop off products at my home to ensure I had continuous supplies between scheduled shipments. You could not ask for, or receive, better care, follow through and outstanding service. They are my go-to medical supply and services company.”

-John Kitchura